With 30 years of my own international experience, I guide people and organisations through a complex and unknown world. I will help you develop your skills, push your limits and dare to embark on an unforgettable journey into an unknown culture.

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Our focus continues to be on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.
Klara Denzin offers you advice in the areas of digitalisation and new quality of work at the Schwäbisch Hall district business development agency ( WFG SHA).
If you need advice in the intercultural field, please contact our network partners in the Sietar Deutschland e.V. association.


A guide to achieving cross-cultural success – with insight, experience and joy

Are you sending your people on a long voyage and you don’t want them to get shipwrecked? Or is it maybe you who are sailing into a foreign see as a worker from abroad? As an experienced guide, I can safely carry you through shallow waters and strong currents.

What am I taking on board?

  • 30 years of international expat experience
  • 25 years of consulting and educational experience in an intercultural environment
  • As a Hungarian living in Germany – my origin story that is similar to yours and that connects us

Take the advantage of my experience and expertise and enjoy all benefits together with your company

  • High-performance teams by using the potential of different cultures
  • Innovation, creativity and resilience with diversity and inclusion
  • Long-term competitive advantage by having global mindsets in the corporate culture
  • Global thinking and local action on the way to internationalisation
  • Recruitment and integration of international specialists with intercultural competence

Intercultural services

offline or online


Do you or your company need a navigation across borders and cultures?

I’ll help you build or be part of a diverse team where everyone embraces the mission and rowing in the boat. 


Expat Advisory

Would you like to conquer new territory?
If you have a compass, a map and a guide with you, a journey into the unknown can be an adventure full of possibilities. Whether you’re planning a family stay abroad for a few weeks or several years, I’ll be your guide and help you become a successful expat.

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Team development

If there are disagreements within the crew, no captain can keep the ship on course. I’ll help you keep your sailors’ focus on their duties on board, find the best way to support their development, and together we’ll lead your team on the road to success.

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Cross-Cultural training

As sailors can read the direction of the wind, the strength of waves and the position of stars, so do we can learn to read the culture of others – if we recognise what characterises us and others. This is what I can teach you. From the individual through the team to the company scope, I can help you in all options.

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Well proven packages

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Looking for a quick solution?
A well thought through, proven and clear training?
Check out my tried and tested service packages!

Expat packages

Whether you’re planning a family stay abroad for a few weeks or several years, you’ll find the right package to help you become a successful expat.

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Team packages

Let’s meet your team where they are right now. Depending on your starting point, we’ll decide which of my packages will best support your development.

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Training packages

From basic to full training, from individual to a team or company, here you will find an overview of my intercultural training packages.

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To have an effect on other people, you must first speak to them in their language.


My clients and partners have said this about me

Rainer Kaschel

Member of the Board Fundamenta-Lakáskassza (building society) Budapest, Hungary

" The training on foreign assignments was a great help to successfully take the first steps abroad. Apart from the language basics, I was able to learn a lot from Ms Denzin about the mentality of different people, local administrative structures and, most importantly, certain sensitive subjects in Hungary. I discussed my experiences with her, and we worked through them together in the reflection circles. I was in a position to cope well with the initial challenges and Ms Denzin was a major contributor to this.”

Dr. Sorina Mantoiu

Specialist in Internal Medicine in Southern Germany

" I met Klara eight years ago when I moved from Romania to Germany. I took part in her integration course for several months and in her strategic training course on intercultural communication. Klara imparted her knowledge with great competence, experience and patience, and stood by me with compassion, friendliness and motivation. I benefited from her intuition and expertise in intercultural communication and foreign languages, her structured and organised way of thinking: I was able to integrate into the
society quickly and successfully.”

Albert Gironez

Architect in Munich

“The training with Klara was very important for me not only because it improved my language skills, but also because it enabled me to understand the communication in the working environment in Germany, which is very different from what I was used to in my home country, Spain. I would recommend Klara’s communication and intercultural training to anyone who wants to go further. Sessions take place in a very pleasant and warm environment. Learning is effective because she is very attentive to the needs of her training participants.”

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Köster

Professor for Leadership, Vienna

Klara Denzin is a very experienced trainer and consultant. She knows how to bring together different personalities from different cultures into an effective, creative and fun team. Klara is a Hungarian entrepreneur with a passion for learning and teaching. Her expertise goes far beyond intercultural issues. She is on a mission to help people overcome the limits of thinking and bridge the gaps between people, cultures and countries.”

Dr. Alex Ungureanu

Trauma surgeon and orthopaedic specialist in Schwäbisch Hall

As a former participant in Klara’s training program on languages and integration based on an intercultural approach, I can describe her as a talented and very kind teacher. I can sincerely and strongly recommend her, as my experience has shown that she has a wide range of competences. I encourage you to attend her workshop!

Cristina Beltran

Architect in Konstanz

I came to Germany from Spain in 2012 and Klara was my first “local” contact here. Although she herself grew up in another country, without her intercultural knowledge and experience of people, I would not have been able to integrate so quickly and well in Germany. Her support in my professional and social development was extensive, goal-oriented and very helpful.”

Novi Supusepa

German teacher at SIWALIMA Boarding School in Ambon, Indonesia

Klara prepared the SIWALIMA Boarding School student team from Indonesia for the German language competition not only from a linguistic point of view, but also in terms of intercultural skills. At the International German Olympics (IDO), students from all over the world put their German language skills to the test at Pattimura University in Ambon. All three of Klara’s students won the Maluku province qualifying round and were thus awarded the right to travel to Jakarta for the next stage of the language competition.

Intercultural trends, news, methods

„Woher kommt dein Name?“ statt „Woher kommst du?“

„Woher kommt dein Name?“ statt „Woher kommst du?“

HAT NAME MIT IDENTITÄT ZU TUN? Die Sêengers kamen aus Elsass-Lothringen und zogen quer durch Europa bis zu den Karpatenbecken. Beim Umzug ging ihnen irgendwo der Accent circonflexe verloren und es entstand der Familienname Seenger. „Mit S und doppel ee“, musste ich...

Interkulturelle Beratung: Was soll das sein?

Interkulturelle Beratung: Was soll das sein?

Neulich fragte mich in der Vorstellungsrunde während einer Zoom-Konferenz ein Teilnehmer erstaunt: Interkulturelle Beraterin, was machst du da eigentlich? Ich antwortete ihm mit einem Bild: An der Oberfläche sieht das Meer überall gleich aus. Aber darunter verbergen...

Live Online Training (LOT) – Aus der Not geboren oder New Learning?

Live Online Training (LOT) – Aus der Not geboren oder New Learning?

VIELE ENTDECKUNGEN SIND AUS DER NOT GEBOREN Der Legende nach sah sich George Crum, Küchenchef einer luxuriösen Lodge in Saratoga Springs, im Jahr 1853 mit einem unwillkommenen Gast konfrontiert. Es war angeblich der Eisenbahnmagnat Cornelius Vanderbilt, der sich über...