Imagine yourself sailing on the high seas! You don’t know where the water is shallow, where dangerous currents might occur. Even though you’re heading towards your destination, you’re worried about losing your way in the storm. And what will happen to your team? They don’t even speak the same language! Are you sure you’re prepared for this?

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I will guide you with vision

Smart sailors seek the help of an experienced guide when setting off for new waters. A guide who knows the ropes. Someone who knows where the danger lies and where the harbours are that provide shelter from storms. Someone who speaks the language of the sailors on board. Someone who can help you find the right course by leaving the decision to the captain and the action to the crew. I can be that kind of guide alongside you or your fellow crew members on assignment.

Our own culture is like water to a fish. We live and breathe through it.

How does this happen in everyday life?

Before you go to Hungary, you will get a well-prepared professional training. As a Hungarian, I am familiar with the characteristics and culture of my first home country – and I’ll share them with you. If your destination is another country in Eastern Europe, you will work with a partner with whom I have been in contact for many years and who can guide you upon arrival to your destination. You will quickly find your way in everyday life and at work and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. This will make your time abroad a special experience – for you and for everyone who will accompany you.


Not travelling alone?

Your family will also benefit from my guidance! Whether you’re looking for the ideal international school, making new social contacts or you need tips and advice about everyday life in Hungary, I’ll help you find your way quickly and safely. And to make sure you get it right, I’ll also give you a basic introduction to my native language.

Looking for a guide?

You are not the one travelling, but you want to prepare your expatriates for new challenges abroad? Would you like to provide them with a local guide? Do you want to protect them from difficulties during their stay? I would be happy to help your employees too! Moreover, if there is a need, I can also prepare expats from abroad for work and everyday life in Germany.

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