With clarity, competence and joy

With 30 years of international experience, I guide people and organisations into a complex and unknown world to unleash their capabilities, to exceed their own limits, and to dare to embark on an unforgettable journey into a so far unknown culture.


  • 30 years international expat-experience
  • 25 years consultancy and education in an intercultural environment
  • Expertise based on science and beyond intercultural issues
  • Internationally recognized organisational development, team coaching and training certifications
My story

My life is a wonderful journey through different cultures and countries:

  • I was born and raised in Hungary.
  • I studied in Budapest and Cologne.
  • My first professional experience was in South Africa.
  • I settled and started a family in Schwaebisch Hall.
  • I have worked as a self-employed business consultant and trainer in Germany, Hungary and Indonesia.
  • As a corporate consultant, I accompanied cross-cultural teams across borders.

In everything I did up to this point, I was driven by the desire to improve myself. My university studies (Economics and Business Economics) have increased rather than quenched my thirst for knowledge. At the same time, I was fascinated by the diversity of the cultures in which I lived. This led me to further my training mainly in the field of intercultural mediation as a German language teacher, intercultural competences trainer and organisational consultant.

Of course, I also gained experience and knowledge from everyday, practical life:
My first job was as a management consultant in South Africa, working with President Nelson Mandela’s project team, among others. Later, I put my skills to good use in an international management consultant firm in Germany. As a trainer and coach, I work in an intercultural context. For more than 15 years I have been advising executives of large companies on their assignments abroad. I also help them to organise their culturally diverse teams to reach the “High-Performing Team” stage of development.

And today

I know exactly what it’s like to sail in unknown waters. I know how fascinating this journey can be, how rich in treasures it can be. But I also know how much courage it takes to pick up the anchor! I am a consultant to people who have that courage. I support and guide them along the way with the experience I have gained so far.
What motivates me? I believe that companies benefit from diversity, intercultural cooperation and experience. In my consulting and training, I advocate for the recognition and appreciation of diversity within organisations. I work to develop teams so that they can grow far beyond their own boundaries, and I support expats so that they can embark on an unforgettable journey into an unfamiliar culture with confidence.

My purpose and mission

I believe that with the right knowledge, awareness and mindset change, it can be easy to take the next steps in development.

My mission is to bridge differences between people and cultures. I help complex organisations harmonise their processes, teams develop into high-performing teams, and people experience easiness and joy in their work.

My values

Change of
cultural glasses

Openness and willingness to take off our own glasses, and to understand others and other cultures.


Cooperation and respect for each other based on our own responsibility, when in the creation or learning process everyone is responsible for the end result and accepts others as they are.

Learning through observation and experience

In this diverse and continuously changing world, to be adaptable, to live and work with others, we must constantly improve ourselves. It is not enough to watch and hear, we must listen and observe the other party and the whole situation.

Mutual patience

Patience with others and with ourselves is important in an environment where everyone needs time to learn, understand, adapt and fine-tune.

Clear communication

To understand each other in a complex environment, it is essential to simplify, make understandable and transparent things that are complicated and unknown to others.

My vision

The understanding and connection of different cultures become a central value in every organisation; The development and cultivation of a global mindsets, the openness to and awareness for different worlds belong to each organisational culture.
  • SIETAR Germany Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research
  • The support group ofWirtschaftsjunioren Heilbronn Franken
  • Signatory of the Diversity Charter
  • Planned: Human entrepreneurial value
  • Economics – Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Business Administration, Organisation and Finance – University of Cologne
  • Organizational Developer (Premium Certificate) – Competence on Top, Cologne
  • Intercultural trainer qualification – Xpert CCS Munich
  • Certified Change Manager – Competence at the top, Cologne
  • Certified Systemic Trainer (Practitioner) – Competence on Top, Munich
  • Certified for Business Structural Constellations according to the Syst ® system (Master) – Competence on Top, Frankfurt am Main
  • Certified team developer / Team-Coach – Competence on Top, Munich
  • Certified live online trainer and moderator – International HR Assistant, Munich
  • Certificate in Methodology and Didactics of Teaching German as a Foreign Language – Goethe Institute and University of Kassel
  • Certified Global DISC™ Trainer and Coach (ICQ – ICF accredited tool)
  • Certified to perform assessments with the IPT® Tool
  • Certified trainer for Growth Zone ™(ICF-akkreditiertes Tool)
  • Intercultural trainer and specialist in Hungary at ICUnet Group
  • Accredited Trainer and Institution of the Course System Xpert CCS®