Klara Denzin

Dipl.-Kff. Klára Denzin
c/o Haus der Wirtschaft
Stauffenbergstraße 35
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

I am your guide to achieving
cross-cultural success
with insight, experience and joy


My life is a wonderful journey through different cultures and countries:

  • I was born and raised in Hungary.
  • I studied in Budapest and Cologne.
  • My first professional experience was in South Africa.
  • I settled and started a family in Schwaebisch Hall.
  • I have worked as a self-employed business consultant and trainer in Germany, Hungary and Indonesia.
  • As a corporate consultant, I accompanied cross-cultural teams across borders.

At these stages, I was driven by the desire to improve myself. My university studies (Economics and Business Economics) have increased rather than quenched my thirst for knowledge. At the same time, I was fascinated by the diversity of the cultures in which I lived. This led me to further my training mainly in the field of intercultural mediation as a German language teacher, intercultural competences trainer and organisational consultant.

Of course, I also gained experience and knowledge from everyday, practical life:
My first job was as a management consultant in South Africa, working with President Nelson Mandela’s project team, among others. Later, I put my skills to good use in an international management consultant firm in Germany. As a trainer and coach, I work in an intercultural context. For more than 15 years I have been advising executives of large companies on their assignments abroad. I also help them to organise their culturally diverse teams to reach the “High-Performing Team” stage of development.

And today?

I know exactly what it’s like to sail in unknown waters. I know how fascinating this journey can be, how rich in treasures it can hold. But I also know how much courage it takes to pick up the anchor! I am a consultant to people who have that courage. I support and guide them along the way with the experience I have gained so far.

What motivates me? I believe that companies benefit from diversity, intercultural cooperation and experience. In my consulting and training, I advocate for the recognition and appreciation of diversity within organisations. I work to develop teams so that they can grow far beyond their own boundaries, and I support expats so that they can embark on an unforgettable journey into an unfamiliar culture with confidence.


Rainer Kaschel, Member of the Board

Fundamenta-Lakáskassza (Bausparkasse) Budapest, Hungary

A post abroad is a much more profound change than a career change within a country. It is not only a different work environment and culture, but there will also be challenges in personal environment. Today I can say that despite all the challenges, I have never regretted this step. The intercultural competences I have acquired help me to better understand different cultures and to critically question my own point of view.

The training on foreign assignments that started in Germany was a great help to successfully take the first steps abroad. Apart from the language basics, I was able to learn a lot from Klara about the mentality of different people, local administrative structures and, most importantly, certain sensitive subjects.

During my first months in Budapest, I was able to discuss my experiences with her, and we worked through them together in the reflection circles. This helped me to prepare myself even better for life in Hungary. During the first six months of my stay, with the help of Klara’s regular feedback, I started to settle in and felt more and more at home. I did a good job in my new job and was able to cope well with the initial challenges. Relationships and friendships strengthened. Klara was a major contributor to all this.

Partner Organisations
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Master of Business Administration, Organisation and Finance – University of Cologne
  • Intercultural trainer qualification – Xpert CCS Munich
  • Certified Change Manager – Competence at the top, Cologne
  • Certified Systemic Trainer (Practitioner) – Competence on Top, Munich
  • Qualified Business Structure Adjuster according to the Syst ®system (Master) – Competence on Top, Frankfurt am Main
  • Certified team developer / Team-Coach – Competence on Top, Munich
  • Certified live online trainer and moderator – International HR Assistant, Munich
  • Certificate in Methodology and Didactics of Teaching German as a Foreign Language – Goethe Institute and University of Kassel