Is how we experience foreign cultures the reality?

When we are sailing on the sea in sunshine, we cannot see the stars, but we know they are there to guide us. Our culture is always with us. We have all been shaped by a certain culture – and this influences our view of other cultures. Imagine wearing glasses with green lenses! The world is green, right? For your partner wearing glasses with red lenses, the world is red. Would you argue with them about the colours of the world? Or would you rather offer to look at the world through their lenses?

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Intercultural training

It’s not easy to realise what kind of glasses through which we are looking at the world, and it’s not easy to take them off or try on a new pair. But you can get into it! I’m offering three interlinked training courses. For me, it is particularly important to provide you with the theoretical knowledge about cultures and to add my own experiences in the modules of my Cross-Cultural Competence (CCC) course.

Scientifically tested

My scientifically tested trainings are based on the Xpert CCS® system of courses for Europe-wide certified cultural communication skills, developed by the LMU Institute for Cultural Communication in Munich. The Global DISC™ model, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), combines personality types with cultural dimensions in a unique way. I also use this internationally recognised method in my teaching.

Who benefits from it?

The real question is: who doesn’t? Our lives are full of encounters with other cultures. Understanding cultural differences and learning how to communicate well across cultures will help you in your work, in administration, in schools and universities, and across the service sector.

What knowledge can you gain from the training?

You will understand your own culture better because you will know what its components are. You will be able to identify the origin of your sense of alienation when you are in another country. This will make it easier for you to explore new cultures. You will learn how to relate effectively in foreign cultures and use intercultural interaction techniques.

Looking for training?

Are you planning an intercultural training for your team and employees? Or do you want to train yourself? Perhaps you would like to become an intercultural trainer?

Here you can review the training modules.